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Splash Tents, Inc. is a one stop shop for all promotional products. Be it a custom tent for your indoor or outdoor trade show or a simple signage or flag at a golf tournament. If you are looking for a custom solution to enhance your brand visibility at events, look no further – Splash Tents’ is your answer. 

We are OBSESSED with Customer Service. 

We are OBSESSED about Quality. 

We are OBSESSED about our Designs.

15+ Must-Ask Questions Before Buying a Tent – Here’s how we answer it.

Purchasing a tent is an investment and choosing the right one can make or break your outdoor experience. Here are 20 key questions to consider before finalizing your purchase and this is how Splash Tents, Inc. answers these 18 questions before you invest in a custom pop-up tent for your company. 

Tent Functionality and Use:

  1. What type of event will I be using the tent for? (festival, camping, sporting event, tradeshow, party, tailgate, or product launch etc.)
  2. How many people will need to fit comfortably inside the tent? 
  3. Will I need space for activities or just basic shelter?
  4. How frequently will I be using the tent? (occasional vs. frequent use). Our Splash pop up tents are great for semi-permanent use. They need to be taken down at night or after the event is done. Our tents are great for corporate festivals and trade shows but not for 2–4-day overnight events.
  5. Do I need the tent to be portable and easy to set up? The event tents, be it 10×10, 10×15 or 10×20, all these sizes are easy to set up. In fact, the 10×10 tents take less than 2 minutes or max. of 3 minutes to set up – so we are told by our clients themselves.  

Tent Size and Design:

  1. What is the footprint (ground area) of the tent? 5×5, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10, 10×15 or 10×20
  2. What is the peak height of the tent? (important for standing room). Ours range from 11ft 5” to 12ft depending on the size of the tent.
  3. Does the tent offer different door configurations for easy access?
  4. Does the tent have adequate ventilation to prevent condensation?
  5. Will I need sidewalls for privacy or wind protection? (consider detachable options). Splash Tents, Inc, offers half side walls and full side walls. These side walls are also called back walls or backdrops. Yes, these back walls have velcro straps as well as zippers on the side to zip up on all four sides to form a closed tent. Some of our clients use tents as changing rooms or to protect their equipment at trade shows or outdoor events. Some clients use these back walls simply to eliminate the event crowd from entering the tent set-up. 

Tent Durability 

  1. What is the frame material made of? (steel, aluminum, fiberglass – consider weight and durability). Our tents are made of Steel and aircraft Aluminum. Steel is the most durable of them all. Aircraft Aluminum tents are light weight but not suitable in windy weather conditions. Our clients such as KUMHO TIRES, USA, IKEA, PIZZA INN, SHAKE SHACK, PEPSI, DIAGEO, POPCORNERS, UBER and other automotive dealers use the Steel Premium Splash Tents. 
  2. Is the tent canopy made of UV-resistant material? (protects from sun damage). Yes, our tents are 99% SPF rated. Our tops are made from 600D heavy duty polyester and don’t have a shine to them. Our graphics are digitally printed on the fabric and the graphics don’t come off even when you run a blade through the fabric – they are that good. 
  3. How many protection layers are there in your tent? We at Splash Tents, Inc. provide several protection layers. Our tents have bolts in the center of the tent top that connect to the frames, this allows the tent top to stay on securely and not come off even when it is windy. All our tents have velcro attachments on the corner of the tents for added safety. We have also gone ahead and added velcro straps that connect the top to the frame securely.
  4. Are your pop-up tents high peak or low peak tents? Our event tents have high peaks compared to others. This allows for the graphics to be seen from afar from 40+ feet away.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Does the company offer a warranty on the tent and frame? Splash Tents, Inc. offers a warranty of anywhere from 3 years to 7 years on their tent frames. 
  2. Will I need to purchase additional accessories like stakes, ropes, or a floor mat? No, all our tents come with a set of 4 stakes, a set of 4 weight bags and a cover bag for storage without wheels. All these are thrown in at no charge to the client as we call them essentials and must be used with the tent when you are out on concrete or on the grass. 
  3. Can I find online reviews of past customers or about your tents online? Splash Tents, Inc., has been in business since 2009 and has served over 3000 clients in the industry today. Since 2009, we have had zero complaints or returns. You can check out the links below to view our 300+ 5-star reviews with images of our tents in action on google, facebook, yelp, or on our website. 





Ditch the tent, elevate your brand. Splash Tents, Inc. a Dallas based company, isn’t about shelters, it’s about crafting unforgettable brand experiences at events. We provide a complete toolkit beyond just tents, helping you create a cohesive and impactful presence that resonates with attendees. With 15+ years and 3,000+ clients served nationwide, we’re the partner you need to make your brand shine.

Why Choose a Splash Tent?

  • Be the Star of the Show: Splash Tents goes beyond a basic table. They provide a larger, more prominent area to showcase your brand, attracting potential customers and solidifying your presence.
  • Built to Last: Worried about rain or shine? Splash Tents are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring your branded space endures the elements and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Effortless Assembly: No more struggling with complicated setups. Splash Tents are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, in almost under 2 minutes that’s what our clients say – allowing you to focus on what matters most – making connections.

Transform your next event into a branded experience with Splash Tents!

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